4 Reasons why you need personal Vehicle Tracking

According to statistics approximately 176 cars are stolen and 29 hijacked every day. With frightening trends such as these there really is no excuse not to protect your assets using the most advanced technology available. Ctrack is proud to offer the very latest in vehicle tracking technology and boasts a stolen vehicle recovery rate of 90%. Allow us here at Ctrack to present the veritable benefits of investing in our vehicle tracking technology:

1. Theft deterrent 

By installing vehicle tracking technology in your vehicle, and displaying the associated sticker in your car window, car thieves are deterred.  Car thieves are far more likely to target a vehicle that does not make use of vehicle tracking technology.

2. Insurance benefits

Due to the increased number of vehicle thefts and vehicle hijackings over the past 5years even those who have not been the victims of vehicular theft or hijacking themselves are starting to feel the pinch as insurance companies up their monthly insurance premiums due to increased risk factors. All is not lost however as some insurance agencies have begun to offer money-off incentives, in the form of reduced monthly insurance premiums, for those vehicle owners who are taking precautionary measures by installing technology such as vehicle tracking devices.

3. Emergency response time

Should you, as the driver of a vehicle that has been equipped with vehicle tracking technology, find yourself the victim of hijacking, a smash-and-grab or another vehicular crime; the location of your vehicle can be traced immediately and vital information conveyed to emergency response units – this quick exchange of information could one day save your life.


4. Reduced wear and tear

By installing vehicle tracking technology in your vehicle you will have access to records of your own travels including information such as traversal of the speed limit. By improving your driving simply, such as by driving under the posted speed limit, as opposed to speeding, you are directly affecting your fuel consumption and your car’s need for maintenance. Observations of recorded travel information thus allow you to decrease every day wear and tear on your vehicle.

Vehicle tracking solutions are thus not only valuable to businesses in order to increase efficiency and profit; but are also invaluable to private motor vehicle owners.