5 Things you didn’t know about Vehicle Tracking

Who cares? Your insurance company.

In today’s brutal economic climate, insurance premiums on your home, content and vehicle have no-doubt skyrocketed. The good news is that many insurance companies have begun to reward those savvy individuals who are taking precautions against theft, and subsequently having to lay a claim with their insurers! Insurance companies are offering reduced-premium incentives to their clients who have had their vehicles fitted with vehicle tracking technology in an effort to deter theft and recover stolen vehicles.


Saving you time, and money


While vehicle tracking may, at first glance, seem like a luxury investment, in today’s world it is more of a necessity. Your GPS vehicle tracking system has the ability to log daily traffic information; the areas in which there are speed traps set up and the fastest means by which you can reach your destination in real time; effectively saving you time and money after your initial investment.



Saving your MORE time…


While it is not yet standard practice to enter into evidence the logs of a vehicle tracking system; your vehicles tracking device could one day save you time, doing time that is, by providing you with an alibi. Similarly, it would be incriminating, possibly damning evidence, if a suspect’s vehicle tracker logs placed him near the scene of the crime during the window of opportunity.


Walking on sunshine


You too will feel good on foot when you know where you’re going. Your cars GPS tracking device is at your aide even on foot! Be surefooted; set your GPS to “walking”, you could even attach it to the handlebars of your bicycle, and never walk in circles again!


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In the business world, time is money. Should a new delivery employee first need to identify his destination on a map, ask for verbal or written directions, or even key the frequently visited destination into his vehicle’s GPS; you as business owner are paying for this wasted time. The GPS tracking systems used in fleet management have the ability to share information on a shared network. In an effort to save you time and money – link your frequently visited destinations with all your vehicles’ GPS tracking systems.