Ctrack Assist is the vehicle tracking and management system used for light commercial, sales, FML, car rental and security vehicles. A specific feature is the driver ID, which enables Ctrack Assist to provide individual driver activity and behaviour. An optional in-cab driver behaviour indicator (DBI) provides real-time driver interaction to proactively improve safer and more efficient driving.Ctrack Assist enables better operational efficiencies and a reduction in vehicle life cycles costs by utilising additional inputs and outputs for 3rd party applications.



  • single box solution
  • daily health check
  • 3 axis Accelerometer (high resolution, +/- 2g to +/-8g range)
    • harsh acceleration
    • harsh braking
    • harsh cornering (G-force)
    • Assist does not have to be installed in a certain plane or aligned
      with the vehicle’s longitudinal axis
      (the Assist does self-calibration and alignment over the first few days
      after installation and continuously
      checks and updates this calibration)
  • flash memory
  • internal battery backup (Li-IO Polymer which will typically last 2 days)
    • an “External Power Failed” alert is sent immediately when the external power fails
    • a “Battery Low” warning is sent when the internal battery voltage is approaching a level too low for the unit to operate
  • GPS positioning(accurate to within 4 meters)
    • u-Bloc NEO5, 50 Channel GPS receiver
    • innovative RF architecture provides a high level of immunity to jamming
  • odometer
    • Assist maintains an accumulating Odometer for the vehicle and it is updated when the vehicle moves
    • the odometer is reported periodically as part of the data messages
    • crow-fly corrections are made onboard to compensate for the GPS Time to First Fix (TTFF) and any detected GPS location jumps
  • watch mode
    • the “watch” command can be sent by authorised cell numbers to the Assist cell number
    • the sender of the command will be notified by SMS whenever the vehicle starts moving (legal or illegal movement)
  • alarm conditions (these conditions will result in an alert message to the MaXx base and alert sms’s forwarded to the authorised users cell numbers):
  • geo-fence alarms
  • external power disconnected
  • external GPS antenna disconnected
  • crash / impact detected
  • rollover detected
  • unauthorised movement alarm (movement detected and ignition is off)