Ctrack FleetConnect is a comprehensive Fleet Management solution that provides fleet owners with full visibility of costs and information on every kilometre driven. The Ctrack FleetConnect software suite is an intelligent Fleet Management mechanism with which fleet owners can manage anything from fuel usage, license renewals and traffic offences to toll fees, vehicle service […]

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Ctrack MaXx is a powerful management tool that combines advanced vehicle tracking with one of the most sophisticated business analysis packages currently available in the marketplace. Using Ctrack MaXx, companies can gain valuable insight into the needs and challenges of their business by understanding all aspects of fleet, driver and […]


Ctrack Online is a zero footprint internet based vehicle tracking and reporting application, with no software installation requirements, which gives businesses a real-time visibility and control tool to manage their fleet operations. Measureable business benefits ranging from reducing fleet running costs, boosting resource productivity to raising the level of customer service […]

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Ctrack Mobi provides real-time access to the latest information and whereabouts of your fleet and employees from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This easy-to-use application gives you an instant snapshot as to the location of your vehicles and assets along with their status details such as speed in […]


Keeping track of items that are constantly moving around has always been challenging, especially if they are of value. Often such items have no power source which makes this challenge even greater. Ctrack Wireless is a re-deployable tracking system that requires no installation and is available in rechargeable and non-rechargeable […]

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Ctrack Assist is the vehicle tracking and management system used for light commercial, sales, FML, car rental and security vehicles. A specific feature is the driver ID, which enables Ctrack Assist to provide individual driver activity and behaviour. An optional in-cab driver behaviour indicator (DBI) provides real-time driver interaction to proactively improve […]


Ctrack Insure is the insurance-approved, usually with reduced premiums, essential vehicle tracking and monitoring system developed for the private and commercial sector.Ctrack Insure includes alerts in the event of battery or system tampering. The Ctrack Insure solution offers you proactive alerts in the event of battery or tracking-unit tamper or […]

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