Ctrack Online is a zero footprint internet based vehicle tracking and reporting application, with no software installation requirements, which gives businesses a real-time visibility and control tool to manage their fleet operations. Measureable business benefits ranging from reducing fleet running costs, boosting resource productivity to raising the level of customer service will be derived from using this application. Furthermore, the software requires no downloads.Ctrack Online is suitable for fleets of all sizes, providing immediate operational benefits and financial returns. Information on vehicles, drivers, points of interest, geo-zones, general businesses, addresses and tasks are all available within Ctrack Online.Using mapping such as Google, Nokia, Tele Atlas and Digital Globe, Ctrack Online enables a variety of viewing options to monitor multiple and individual vehicles in normal, terrain and satellite views (with labels) as well as access to live traffic flow information and journey directions.

No-go, preferred and waypoint geo-zones may be created to trigger email and SMS alerts regarding unauthorised vehicle movements into or out of predefined areas.

Making use of Ctrack Online, dispatch and schedule tasks may be effectively allocated to drivers by identifying the nearest vehicles to a job and selecting the appropriate employee based on required skill set. Via quick route calculations, distance and expected travel time can be displayed. Trip replays analysed with comparison overlaying map feature that monitors vehicle journeys on the map to identify job allocation issues and areas of improvement to increase jobs per week and maintain customer service.




  • general
    • zero footprint internet software
    • multi-user LAN/WAN/Intranet/Internet
  • visibility and control
    • view vehicle on map
    • view vehicle list
    • view trip history on map
    • replay vehicle movements on map
    • poll vehicle
  • driver behaviour
    • driving information
    • driver information
  • operational control and productivity
    • multiple management report with scheduling
    • mobile resource management
    • remote area management (geo-zones)
    • route monitoring
    • executive dashboards – optional
  • reporting
    • safety
    • security
    • productivity
    • driver behaviour
    • green driving