Ctrack FleetConnect is a comprehensive Fleet Management solution that provides fleet owners with full visibility of costs and information on every kilometre driven. The Ctrack FleetConnect software suite is an intelligent Fleet Management mechanism with which fleet owners can manage anything from fuel usage, license renewals and traffic offences to toll fees, vehicle service schedules, driver profiles and any other aspect of their fleet by simply selecting the specific management tools they require.


Ctrack FleetConnect integrates all components of Fleet Management into a singular centralised database, which serves as a one-stop platform for:

  • Assessing fleet analysis and fleet trends
  • Managing risk associated with the fleet
  • Viewing multiple hierarchal reporting structures
  • Streamlining operations and logistics within the fleet sector
  • Budgeting, budget monitoring and cost control


  • Reliable, real time management information for informed decision-making
  • Optimised visibility of vehicle operating cost i.e.maintenance, fuel, tyres, batteries, labour and other cost contributors
  • Automated comparison of actual operating cost vs.owner and industry benchmarks
  • Improved safety of vehicles, drivers and loads
  • Automated comparison of actual operating cost versus owner and industry benchmarks
  • Visibility of all financial aspects of asset/vehicle throughout its lifecycle
  • Increased operational efficiency as a result of maintenance planning, delivery routing and scheduling
  • Optimal sourcing by buying the right asset/vehicle at the right price for the job required
  • Real time workflows (business rules) and exception reporting allow proactive response designed for risk and cost management