Ctrack Insure is the insurance-approved, usually with reduced premiums, essential vehicle tracking and monitoring system developed for the private and commercial sector.Ctrack Insure includes alerts in the event of battery or system tampering.

The Ctrack Insure solution offers you proactive alerts in the event of battery or tracking-unit tamper or border approach. Ctrack Insure also comes standard with Stolen Vehicle Support services as well early warning alerts in the event of unauthorised vehicle movements.

Ctrack uses the very latest GPS and GSM/GPRS location technology, to ensure that your vehicle is always visible and always operational.

Unlike many other vehicle tracking systems, Ctrack continually monitors that your unit is fully functional, removing the inconvenience of having to perform tests yourself.



  • single box solution
  • daily health check
  • 3 axis Accelerometer (high resolution, +/- 2g to +/- 8g range)
    • harsh acceleration
    • harsh braking
    • harsh cornering (G-force)
    • Insure does not have to be installed in a certain plane or aligned with the vehicle’s longitudinal axis (the Insure does self-calibration and alignment over the first few days after installation and continuously checks and updates this calibration
  • flash memory
  • internal battery backup
    • Li IO Polymer which will typically take 2 days
    • an “external power failure” alert is sent immediately when the external power fails
    • a “battery low” warning is sent when the internal battery voltage is approaching a level too low for the unit to operate
    • GPS positioning (accurate to within 4 meters
    • u-Blox NEO5, 50 Channel GPS receiver
    • innovative RF architecture provides a high level of immunity to jamming
  • over the air software upgradeable and configurable (flexibility as business needs change)
  • position requests
    • the Insure can be polled by the call centre operator using the Ctrack MaXx or online base station software
    • the unit responds with the current position plus 9 historical positions that can be seen on the mapping software
    • the unit can be polled from a pre-authorised cell phone by sending a command to the Insure’s cell phone number
  • watch mode
    • the Watch command can be sent by authorised cell numbers to the Secure cell number, the sender of the command will be notified by SMS whenever the vehicle starts moving (legal or illegal movement)