Keeping track of items that are constantly moving around has always been challenging, especially if they are of value. Often such items have no power source which makes this challenge even greater.

Ctrack Wireless is a re-deployable tracking system that requires no installation and is available in rechargeable and non-rechargeable versions.

Both have an extended battery life for periods without an external power source (up to three years). Its rapid deployable feature makes it ideal for tracking trailers, rental vehicles, boats, caravans, machinery, containers, palletized loads and other valuable cargo and assets. In fact, the uses of Ctrack Wireless are endless.

The Ctrack Wireless health status is also kept visible at all times with daily reporting to applications such as Ctrack MaXx, Online and Mobi2.

So, when you are looking to add instant tracking functionality to valuable items, look no further than Ctrack Wireless.




  • Battery Monitoring
  • Warning when battery level is low
  • Positioning
  • 50-channel GPS (with optional Assisted GPS)
    • Communications
  • Quad band GSM/GPRS (with optional SMS fallback)
    • Trip Activation Triggers Ignition input Movement
    • Health Check Reporting Daily
    • Reporting Settings
  • Time based (5sec to 20min interval) Distance based (100m to 25km interval)
  • RoadTrackTM
  • Events
    • Sleep Mode Configuration
    • Switch-off time after Trip End (1min to 24hrs) Wake-up periodically after Switch-off (1min to 24hrs)
    • Wake-up from Sleep-mode triggers Movement (accelerometer based) Ignition
    • Panic
    • At wake-up intervals
    • Antennas
    • GPS – internal
  • GSM – internal
  • Reporting
    • Reports to Ctrack MaXx, Online and Mobi2